UniData Communications Systems, Inc. Wireless VoIP company name has been changed to Incom Inc.

INCOM (ex UniData Communications Systems) offer Wi-Fi phone and application based on stable VoIP solution technology. INCOM (ex UniData) which has the advantage of optimal customization for various customer’s demands is to enjoy the better convenience of communication technology in both enterprise and home by the field-proven quality with a history for 10 years.

Furthermore INCOM had been merged and acquired Unidata system that has brilliant quality and technique and launched active marketing since 2013.

Incom manufacturing and providing the VoIP Phone to overseas countries as US, England, Germany, Italy, Turkey and other countries. And Incom providing the VoIP Phone to overseas countries over than 10years, that means Incom VoIP Phone is verified the quality and price from all clients.

VoIPDistri.com it’s Incom Inc. european main supplier of European market and sales voip business phones to Retail, Business, Campus, Medical, Insurance and Financial space

Incom actually WLAN Phone is only WPU7800 now but Incom developing new Wirless-N SIP phones and it coming soon.

Incom getting better for higher quality, reasonable price and satisfied consumer response so please feel free to ask us about Incom items.

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